passive solar…

… receives a feline seal of approval.

11.19 084

And notice his back foot propped up on the rocking chair rail… hee! meow! purrrrr!

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2 Responses to passive solar…

  1. clecain says:

    ahhh, to be a cat (love that you have solar!)

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Cheri, Passive solar is probably not what you are thinking of. We do have a solar hot water heater on the roof and we hope to get photovoltaic panels… soon. But passive solar means orienting the house to the south, having a lot of windows on the south side, having this special coating on the windows that lets heat in (but not heat out), usually having tile or concrete floors to soak up the sunshine, and orienting the height and size of the windows to maximize winter sun (when you want it) and minimize summer sun (when you don’t). 🙂

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