our LaGuardia

The bird feeders are like LaGuardia today with so many birds–and also so many different kinds of birds–flitting in and out.  We have the usual winter mixed-species flock: chickadees, titmice, goldfinches, cardinals, jays, juncos, and several kinds of sparrows.  Only missing are a few woodpeckers.  Granted, the feeders are usually busy in winter, but this is a better-than-average day where the birds are generally less desperate: it’s cold (near freezing), but little wind and lots of sun (yay!).

Almost equally busy is the large honeysuckle bush near the southwest corner of the house and not far from said bird feeders.  We thought about cutting it down because it’s a non-native species and it can take over.  However, it’s much less aggressive than rosa multaflora.  Plus it seemed like good bird habitat.  And given that we had taken out so much rosa multaflora from the meadow, as well as all the honeysuckle bushes it had invaded, we decided to leave this honeysuckle.

The birds are clearly glad that we did.  If you watch the bush, almost the entire thing shakes and quivers and moves from so many birds flying around–zipping in and out, changing branches, sitting on a branch and fluffing up their feathers in the sun.  And from there the birds fly over to the feeders and back, obviously happy that there’s ample sunflower seed and finch food.

Bon appetit, birds!

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