It snowed yesterday–the first snow of this fall/winter.  Granted, it was mostly rain and a bit of snow that wasn’t sticking at lower elevations, but we had a good inch on the ground at the farm by nightfall.

I visited the chickens this morning and they were Not Thrilled by the weather, particularly the Easter eggers–Beaker, Cleo, and Hawkeye.  This was their first encounter with snow.  They (and Scruffy) were standing at the edge of the orchard right next to the fence.  They kept trying to walk on the big weeds that had grown up next to the fence and were too close to mow.  Goldenrod had bent over so they could walk, albeit awkwardly, along the fence, somewhat above the grass.  But the snow had fallen there, too, so they weren’t really getting out of the snow by trying to walk across the weeds.  When not walking gingerly on top of the goldenrod, they were standing in the snow picking up their feet–as if this would somehow make the snow go away.  (“Maybe this time when I put my foot down, the snow won’t be there…”)

Most of the snow melted by early afternoon today.  The chickens were much happier, especially after I tossed them kohlrabi leaves and carrots.

Meanwhile, I trekked through the mud in the garden and picked swiss chard, kale, lettuce, beets, carrots, and kohlrabi.  That was the last of the chard, kale, and beets for the year.  I suspect we may have one more round of lettuce.  Still remaining: parsnips, cabbage, a few more kohlrabi, and a decent number of carrots.  We’re going to try growing lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse this winter.  Time to get those seeds in the trays.  Another day.

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