and like that

Oh dear.  The last post was September 24.  Ah well.  Many, many small deadlines in September and October (alas, few of them for my own work).  Plus a short trip, some family visiting (hello!).  And, well, as my advisor used to say, “And like that.”

I had good intentions of writing a post on October 9, which was, as I recall, the anniversary of day #1 of excavation and thus of the epic house building project (EHBP?).  That date blew by along with the rest of the last month.

There is, of course, new news at White Pine Farm.  We’re using the masonary stove regularly.  Passive solar really works.  The two brown sheep have gone on to other pastures (literally) for, um, mating season.  The garden is winding down.  Garden clean-up is now the major theme on the garden front, although there’s still kale, chard, lettuce, spinach, parsnips, carrots, kohlrabi, and cabbage (!) to harvest.  There’s garlic to plant.  I’m waiting for daffodil bulbs to arrive.  The landscaping beds desperately need weeding.  Scruffy is big (and still a royal wimp).  I ate the last of Heidi soup in my lunch a few days ago.  And…

More soon.

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One Response to and like that

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the update, Sara! I love all the details and descriptions. Sending you much love.

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