local-local lamb

One of my anthropologist-friend-colleagues writes about “locals” in her work, except that the locals differentiate between what they call “locals” and “local-locals.”  That is, local people are basically people from the area or region.  Local-local people are from a village or other truly neighboring area.  Makes sense!

We decided to get some local-local meat this year: a half lamb (sniff!) from a farm about three miles away as the crow files.  We’ve visited their farm twice, once for a green building tour and the second time for a local farm tour.  They have been expanding their meat production over the past few years and the animals look happy.

We had been buying whole lamb from a great vendor at the local farmers’ market, but she quit selling whole (and half) animals a few years ago because of the slim profit margin.  (Says something about small-scale, (m)organic farming, eh?)  We’d been looking for another lamb producer because, well, lamb is, IMHO, the best meat out there.  When we found out about lamb at this local organic farm, I had to get out my checkbook.

They ask for a deposit and the lambs won’t be processed until the first half of December, so until then, our check will be sitting in their bank account, the lambs in their pasture, and I will be anticipating the first lamb stew or roast.  Baa!

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