art photo, I

I’m still in that desperate-attempt-to-clear-the-deck stage of my sabbatical.  Sigh.  Lots to write about (in terms of White Pine Farm), but certain tasks and deadlines (not in terms of White Pine Farm) loom. 

So, in the meantime, Ron has taken some more nice art shots of the house, garage, land, forest, and garden.  Here is art photo, I–of the house and garage from the southeast corner(ish) of the property.  You can see how much the board and batten siding on the garage has weathered, even in just 16 months.

082514 060

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2 Responses to art photo, I

  1. Lisa says:

    Soooo pretty! But post more! Post more! Post more! (says needy Lisa living so far away!). xoxo

  2. marylecain says:

    It didn’t take very long to make that much change…good thing you want it to happen!! Looks good!
    Nice photo Ron!

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