finding his voice

It’s pretty clear now that Scruffy is a rooster.  He’s been playing with his morning crow yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday was a pitiful little squawk.  This morning he managed to crow “cockle… cockle doodle…”–and then he petered out. 

We hope he’s a nice, quiet boy, else his fate is pretty much certain, especially because he’s become such a handsome chicken and we spent so much effort rescuing him from Another Chick Tragedy in 2014.

As a reminder, here he was on June 12 along with the Little Brown Chick (RIP) and Daisy’s beak:

6.12 020

And here he was June 23:

6.23 017

And here he is looking really scruffy, hence his name, on July 8:

7.8 016

And here he is, August 30:

8.30 076

Since we’re overdue for some more chicken photos, here are two more.  Here is shy Hawkeye hiding herself in the goldenrod:

8.30 066

And a funny one of Beaker and Cleo–check out the Easter egger fluff on their faces.  It’s supposed to be right around their eyes.  It started that way.  Then they got fluffy mutton chops.  And now they have fluffy beards.  It’s hilarious!  I guess they are the bearded chicken-ladies!

8.30 072

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