(chicken) introductions

We introduced the two mini-flocks of chickens yesterday. 

In many ways, it wasn’t much of an introduction.  After all, they had been staring at each other since yellow-chick-who-grew-up-to-be-Scruffy and Caroline were stuck in the mobile coop together for weeks, and then July 20th when we got the latest trio.  In addition, for the past 10 days, Scruffy and the three Little Girls had one third of the orchard to themselves so there was plenty of chicken wandering and visibility, albeit across the mesh fence.  We pulled up the mesh fence yesterday and all of the chickens had the run of the whole orchard once again. 

Within a few minutes, Scruffy stupidly approached Daisy and thought that he would impress her with his big chest and puffed out neck.  HA.  Daisy did one strong peck at him and off he went, running and cowering to Beaker, Cleo, and Hawkeye. 

A little later he pulled the same thing on Caroline.  Apparently he doesn’t learn very quickly.  He got the same response from Caroline and off he went running yet again.

After dinner, I feed the chickens beet greens and checked on them.  Scruffy and the Little Girls were hanging out in the regular coop.  The Big Girls started wandering in that direction, probably because I was over there.  Then Caroline came inside the coop.  Scruffy and the Little Girls then had a difficult situation: they wanted to get out of the coop because Caroline was there (not that she was doing anything to any of them, but they were understandably wary), but they would have to traverse a gauntlet of Big Girls to get out of the coop and into the orchard.  What followed was pretty hilarious.

Scruffy left first and ran between several of the Big Girls.  To his defense, he wasn’t doing anything, just trying to get the heck out of there.  But Nony decided he got a little too close–or something–so she tackled him and stood on him–for a few seconds.  I have no idea how she managed it since she’s not that much bigger than Scruffy.  She wasn’t really being mean.  Just Putting Him In His Place.  After a second or two, she released him and he went scurrying off again to the Little Girls now in the far corner of the orchard.

There will be a point where he’s bigger, stronger, and more assertive than the five Big Girls, but for the moment, the Girls Rule.  Don’t mess with ’em.

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