gardening du jour

A typical peak summer garden weekend.

Saturday:  Harvested yellow beets, shoved in fridge to deal with later.  Picked about 11 lbs of blueberries at a local blueberry farm, started freezing process–while munching on many fresh blueberries, of course.

Sunday:  Harvested kale, ubiquitous chard, and green beans.  Washed, steamed, and froze kale.  Washed chard and stuck in fridge to eat later in the week.  Also stuck green beans in the fridge to deal with later.  Washed and grated carrots and kohlrabi that had been picked a few days ago for a big salad to be consumed over the week.  Washed and roasted yellow beets to eat this week.  More trays of blueberries rotating through the freezer.  I think that’s it… as of 1:00pm EST.

Meanwhile, six reasonably-sized zucchini are sitting in the basement, waiting to be made into zucchini bread and other things.  Three butternut squash–from last fall!?!–also need to be eaten.  Several big bags of currants from our berry CSA remain in the freezer, waiting for jam time.

As I said, a typical peak summer garden weekend–lots done, lots to do.

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One Response to gardening du jour

  1. marylecain says:

    I have been eating lots of yellow and orange peppers,good but I am sure your fresh from the garden are better.

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