sweet moments in chickenland

Despite Heidi’s sudden and still inexplicable death, there have been a few sweet moments in chickenland lately.

On Friday afternoon, four of the Big Girls were sitting or standing on the north side of the mobile coop.  Only Caroline was wandering around the orchard.  Meanwhile the four chicks–really, adolescent chickens now–were pig piled together on the north side of the mobile coop–on the inside, of course.  In other words, there was a big chicken pig pile of eight chickens hanging out in the shade together except that the north wall of the mobile coop was separately them.

Clearly they are thinking of themselves as a single flock, even if we haven’t let the four younger ones out yet.  It will be a few more weeks before we do so, but given such behavior, I predict  introductions will go smoothly.

Meanwhile, Scruffy is, I fear, permanently named Scruffy, even though it has become a very nice off-white chicken with some gray here and there.  It’s sex?  Still TBA.  I finally named the quiet, shy brown chickie: Hawkeye.  I had been convinced it had raptor coloring, but I wasn’t sure which one.  After looking at some photos, the closest was the Red-Tailed Hawk.  “Hawk” seemed like a good name, except that we happened to be watching Season 2 of M*A*S*H so Alan Alda’s character came to mind.

Thus, we now have nine–named–chickens: Caroline, Daisy, Ella, Nony, and Pippi from last year, and Cleo, Beaker, Hawkeye, and Scruffy from this year.  And may Heidi RIP and RIF.

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