garden, what garden

The garden has been a bit lost in the semi-chaos of the house and moving. 

It’s actually been an almost ideal summer–warm, enough rain, not long periods of drought.  We could stand, however, a hot week or two so the tomatoes will ripen.

I haven’t posted many firsts on the garden front given everything that has been going on and many have now passed.  We have a half-dozen bags of kale and chard (each) in the extra freezer.  I planted fewer zucchini plants this year, but we still had enough to make a big batch of pasta, zucchini, garlic, red chile flakes, and parmesan a few days ago.  I made the first batch of pesto yesterday and the basil forest could already be picked again.  I picked the first green beans (haricots verts) over the weekend.  They are so delicious–and plentiful!  A peek in the garden yesterday suggests there are many more ready to be picked, too. 

I am looking forward to puttering in the garden a bit more in the coming weeks now that the big push into the house is over.  There’s still plenty to unpack and we have barely started on the storage unit with a firm deadline of being out of there by August 9.  Not all of the big projects are done (some trim work, stair finishing, some tiling around the stove) and then there are the endless “little” tasks in new houses–towel racks, select shades, and so on.  But it will be nice to be outside working the garden between wage work and house tasks in the month of, gulp, August.

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