in da house

Yes, we are in The House.

Yesterday was moving day #1.  Given the nature of moving, there will be more to come.  For one, we didn’t get anything from the storage unit.  But it was nonetheless a coup.  Almost thirteen months to the day after we sold our old house (old as in old, and old as in former) and about 9.5 months after breaking ground, we moved into the new house.

Yesterday was a Very Long Day.  We hired our former neighbor’s eldest son and his friend to help us for about six hours.  The four of us ended up spending 6.5 hours moving 95%+ of our stuff from the garage to the house.  It would have gone more quickly if more little things had been boxed and bagged.  But we had basically no time to do moving prep given all the final house construction details–with a number of things still not done.  Plus a lot of the stuff we needed up to the moment of moving.  I knew it would be less efficient moving this way, but we didn’t really have a choice.

It was pretty stupid.  Too many trips with a few things tucked under one’s arm–one helper with my backpack crammed with stuff from my desk and laptop in hand, the other with two large pots from the kitchen, me with a half-full 12-pack of tp on top of two tubs of toiletries, and so on.  Oh well.

Of course, there was also the heavy and/or awkward stuff–the futon and frame, my desk (I had no idea how difficult my desk was to move when I bought it in 1998), the queen box spring, and so forth.  There were times when all three guys were planning, schlepping, and scheming how to get Big Heavy Things through Spaces Unfriendly to Big Heavy Things, especially Without Bashing and Gashing the Brand New House.  Meanwhile, as they took 15 minutes to get my desk up the stairwell to the second floor (sorry, guys), I took 5 trips of little stuff back and forth between the garage and the house.

And my legs feel it this morning.

We’re barely unpacked, of course, although I did spend two hours last night unpacking most of the garage-parred-down-only-basics kitchen stuff we’ve been using for the past year.  More is boxed up in storage–which also makes me wonder what I should donate from those boxes…  My office is a mess.

But already I can see how incredibly spectacular the house really is.  The kitchen is a-maz-ing–a dream kitchen for cooks, gardeners, and canners.  It is so beautiful, but also hyper-functional.  The great room almost feels like a big sun room with those big windows on the south side.  And the master bedroom feels like sleeping in a treehouse because you basically see the trees and sky.

Despite the trials and tribulations, setbacks and glitches, financial worries and various negotiations (with all of these still ongoing), everything looks really good together–paint, woodwork, floors, lighting.  And the layout, too.  It has some distinct advantages.  For instance, the breeze is coming from the northwest today so we actually opened the deck door on the west side and a cooler breeze is coming in through the house and exiting the east side.  Natural ventilation.

Not surprisingly, I am really tired today.  It’s obviously the 6.5 hours of schlepping and walking yesterday, but it’s probably also making it through a major construction hurdle more than several years in the making.

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2 Responses to in da house

  1. Sally Page says:


    Do you have a wheelbarrow – or a garden cart- to help with those little things that aren’t packed? Or Rubbermaid tubs you can fill with stuff you need right away – so empty right away- and then fill again? Anything like those would cut down on the number of trips.

    Voice of experience,


  2. Lisa says:

    Congratulations, Sara and Ron! I loved this update and wish I could have come over with a dolly to haul things and my energetic 12 year old to help hustle wherever hustling needed to happen 🙂

    I love the description of the house! Can’t wait to see it! COngrats — and much much love. xoxoxo

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