how to motivate contractors

For the past month or two, we’ve been hit harder by scheduling problems–delays, changes in schedules, and contractor x can’t come yet because contractor y hasn’t finished.  The past few weeks have been particularly bad–at precisely the time we need everything and everyone to line up.

The proverbial ducks became extra important on Tuesday because we decided to move into the house Saturday come h^ll or high water.  I’m still a bit concerned that we’re jumping the gun and some messy work will be hard to live with down the line.  But we are both sick of limbo land, contractors, and what I am now calling Construction Fatigue.

After making the decision to move in Saturday, we told the carpenters who were installing the kitchen cabinets and countertops to wrap up and be done Wednesday.  We also put calls (again…) into the plumber and paint/poly trim contractors to let them know.  Unfortunately, our main plumber can’t make it out until next Wednesday, but the promise of furniture throughout the house suddenly motivated our paint/poly trim contractors to adjust their schedule.  Miraculously, they can now come first thing Friday morning and they even think they can finish everything (except for the remaining bits here and there that will have to be dealt with later) by the end of the day.


In other good news, we were able to get another plumber to come out today to install the kitchen sink and dishwasher–and on very short notice.  We could have waited until next week, but it would have been a royal pain living in the house sans functional kitchen, especially given that we plan to move the rest of the temporary kitchen into the house today, tomorrow, and this weekend.

So, plumber is here.  Paint/poly trim guys come first thing tomorrow.  Ron is putting the floor in the mudroom, and I spent all morning shop-vac-ing and mopping the entire basement.  Some rooms took three rounds of mopping to get relatively clean!?  After the plumber leaves, it’s time to wipe down the interior of the kitchen cabinets before relocating dishes and food.  There are a few other jobs that will make moving (and moving in) Saturday easier, including rods and shelves in the closets.  Hopefully that can be completed tomorrow.

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One Response to how to motivate contractors

  1. Marilyn says:

    YEAH!! You’re in!! It’s going to be SO nice! Bon courage for the move! It might take a while to get completely settled. Take the time you need.

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