too. much. to. do.

En bref, final construction really stinks and moving is completely rotten.

Time for The Cute Factor.

We got three more chicks Sunday afternoon to keep the lone yellow chick company.  It had become increasingly neurotic and lonely once Caroline lost interest and decamped to the orchard and regular coop.

These chicks are “Easter eggers.”  They lay blue-green eggs.  The eggs are beautiful, as are the chickens.  Note the variety in their coloring, even though they are the same breed.

July20 008

This is Cleopatra (Cleo for short) because of her gorgeous eyeliner.  She’s very calm, friendly, and curious.

July20 042

This is Beaker–yes, like from The Muppets.  She is a beautiful chick with gray-taupe feathers.  She also has eyeliner, but it doesn’t stand out as much as Cleo’s.  She’s named Beaker because her beak is a little malformed, which we didn’t notice until we got her home.  Both sides are shaped a little funny and her beak doesn’t close or line up quite right (think when the dentist asks you to bite down during an exam…).  She’s the smallest of the three, I suspect because of her beak issues.  But they are 5 weeks old today and she’s still here, so we think she’ll be fine.  Plus she’s a fiesty, bold little thing–probably why she made it to now despite her beak.

July20 022

And here’s the third, still-to-be named chick.  She is also beautiful, although this shot doesn’t do her justice.  She looks like a quail or pheasant or something.  The mottling on her feathers is amazing.  She’s both shy and very peepy.

A few more photos just because we need More Cute Right Now.  This one is cute because they are all squished together.  You can see the differences among their feathers and coloring here–sort of.

July20 025

This is a sweet one of Cleo and the brown chickie on the mobile coop roost.

July22 044

And just because the yellow chick might be getting jealous, here’s a funny one of it peering at me while the other three eat.  Alas, the name “Scruffy” is somewhat sticking for the yellow chick, which I really hate because it’s cuter than that and “Scruffy” is just not a very interesting name, especially when compared to Ella, Cleo, or Pippi.  I hope a better name comes to us.

July22 051

P.S. The above picture is not zoomed.  I’m peaking through the grate at them–and them at me!


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2 Responses to too. much. to. do.

  1. Lisa says:

    WAY TOO CUTE! I can’t stand it! So glad to see the chick has buddies now.

    I will see if the kids have any ideas for names tonight — what about Rosebud, Bianca, Queenie or Duchess? Just a few ideas 🙂 Lots of love to you.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I was worrying about that one chick by herself … so I’m glad you got some peeps for her!

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