hitches, glitches, and buts

Warning: File this under First World problem.

We are getting there on the house front.  It seems like the first half of construction went fast and smoothly.  The second half has been a little rockier–more delays, more down time when nothing gets done, more “contractor x has to complete y before contractor z can come in”, more “oops, I should have started researching that 3 months ago…” regrets.

I would say that all of the major stuff is done: obviously roof, plumbing, and such.  Most of the meso stuff is now done as well: all the flooring is in, the kitchen cabinets are in.

But it’s all that pesky so-called micro stuff.  For instance, all the hardwood floors are in and the second floor is already finished–but the main floor needs finished (literally) and several other things are waiting on that.  The finishers were supposed to come “Wednesday or Thursday,” but showed up at noon today (Friday).  Better this Friday, than next Friday, but still.

Or, the kitchen cabinets are in–but the carpenter hit a nail wrong on a filler board so we need a replacement.  Or, there are three panels to finish the sides/backs of several cabinets that need to be measured perfectly before being ordered–but the island has to be installed first, and can’t be until those floors are finished.  The kitchen countertops are already here and could be installed–but,again, that island needs installed first and, again, we are waiting on the hardwood floor finishing on the main floor.  

Or, about a third of the lights are in–but the electrician definitely needs to install some of them–chandeliers, over the bathroom vanity lights.  But said vanity lights depend on the size and placement of the mirrors.  So, before the electrician comes back for one last (we hope) round of installations and tweaks, we need to decide on three mirrors.  Not only that, but we have 24″ studs on the outer walls so the mirror in the main bathroom is tricky because the stud is, of course, not where we need it.  We can’t just buy a mirror and hammer in a nail.

Given that we are near the end of the  l o n g  construction process, neither of us has much patience for these types of decisions, let alone the sudden realization that the electrician can’t come before we do x, y, and z, or the carpenters can’t come until the hardwood floor finishers complete x, y, and z, or “shoot, we should have picked out mirrors yesterday.”

I am reminded of the moving adage that the first 80% of one’s belongings take 50% of the time to pack, and the remaining 20% requires the other 50% of the time.  Blame it on fatigue, decision-making thresholds, and randomly sized objects that don’t fit neatly into boxes or bins.  There are certain construction equivalents.

But again, this is a luxurious First World problem, so I’m not complaining, even though I just did.


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One Response to hitches, glitches, and buts

  1. clecain says:

    You are brave to undertake all these projects! Sounds as if having a sense of humor is an essential element!

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