yes, more chick photos

I mentioned the chickie roosting with Caroline in the last post.  Here’s a (dark) photo.  You can barely see it beneath Caroline’s wing here (look for the yellow on the left).


The previous photo was the end result.  How did the chick get up there?  Good question.  Here’s an action shot of the chick climbing the ramp and looking up at Caroline in the roost.  Basically it climbed  up the ramp, got to a horizontal piece that linked up with the roosting bar, and then it walked across the bar.


This photo is from earlier today.  The chick seems to be more comfortable around humans and it hangs out near the mesh more.  This was taken with a zoom, but I love the look.  The chick is looking at me…


I meant to include this one the other day.  It was from about a week ago, but I love this photo of Caroline.  Big hen-mother is watching you?? Is she asking, “Why do you keep taking photos of us in the mobile coop?”



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One Response to yes, more chick photos

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for all the great photos and weekend updates! Love it all!

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