Some of this week’s firsts:

  • Harvested (and ate!) the first radishes, arugula, and spinach (twice) yesterday.
  • Harvested kale and the always-maligned swiss chard today.  Had the kale at lunch.  The chard is in the fridge.  (Perhaps a microcosm of the hierarchy of greens around here?)
  • We are pretty sure that Ella laid her first egg since going broody today.  Definitely white (meaning a leghorn hen, so it was either Daisy or Ella since Caroline is (literally) cooped up); Ella was crowing like a complete nut this morning so we think it was her.
  • Caroline and the chickie started sleeping on the mini-roost within the mobile coop Wednesday evening.  Caroline had tried to get the chick to go up there a few days before, but the chick couldn’t fly/hop up.  Ditto with the nesting box; the chick got part of the way up one ramp, but didn’t go any further.  But Caroline was a good chicken-mom (unlike Ella and Daisy after the Great Chick Tragedy of 2014, Part II) and came back to the ground for a few more days.  Wednesday night, though, they started sleeping up on the roost.  I looked in last evening.  Somehow they were balanced on the narrow stick (chicken balance beam??) with the chick still under Caroline’s wing and its head peeking out.  I have no idea how they manage to position themselves so they can stay there all night (and with the chick under Caroline), but somehow they do. 
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