daily dose o’ cuteness

Yes, the chickens are back.  More cute photos.

The lone chickie standing up v e r y tall!


An action shot.  Not a great photo, but here you can see the chick who had hopped up on Caroline’s back.


I like this one.  You can see the chickens milling around the mobile coop.  Also note Ella and Daisy en garde.


This one is sweet–and funny.  Chickie inside the mobile coop grazing due north.  Daisy and Ella outside the coop grazing due south.


And just because the other non-humans will get jealous if it’s all photos of chickens, here are the napping sheep boys.  Vincent with the red face on the left, James and Long John (?) in the middle (not sure which is which), and Richard (at least his rump), the all white one, on the right.



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