in the home stretch

We are definitely in the home stretch of house construction.  A bit behind, but hoping we can move in a month.  To do this, it will be a real push.

This week was the first of about four contractor-heavy weeks.  Now that the stove is done, a lot of other things can fall into place.

– Our Amish carpenters were here Tuesday through Friday working long hours–even a crew of “five guys” (as their invoices always say) one of those days.  They made a ton of progress on the interior stairs plus most of the trim work, the rest of the hardwood flooring, the stairs to the two decks, and building a little landing and stairs off the garage mud room.  Alas, the interior stairs are not quite finished and cove molding won’t arrive until tomorrow.  The Amish will be back Tuesday and Wednesday to finish the stairs, install the rest of the trim and two more storm doors, and build shelves in the pantry and linen closet.

– The bathroom vanities are here.  One looks good, but we have some difficult decisions regarding placement.  The other, well, ahem.  The good news is that the design, wood, stain, and other choices are right.  The bad news is that the side panels are a bizarre pink and there are not 1, not 2, but 3 boo-boos in the wood: a knot fell out and they did a terrible patch job with wood putty, they cut a knot in half (which is fine) except that glue is visible, and a scuff.  All on a 24-inch vanity.  Oy.  Our salesman is, however, great and barked at the manufacturer, “fix it!”  But it will still mean a delay before that bathroom gets finished.

– On a happier note, we finally made it to the vintage lighting store about 25 miles north of here.  Took three trips–a preliminary scouting expedition, a second trip that was supposed to be the purchase visit except that I screwed up and the store wasn’t open that day, and then a third and final trip that was a success.  We got an antique school house light for the kitchen island and two snazzy art deco lights for the upstairs hallways.  Quite reasonably priced, too.

– Which means that I can finally finish the lighting order.  Having gotten these three lights, now I can fill in the remaining missing pieces.

– The hardwood floor finishers need to get in to do half of the main floor finishing before the kitchen cabinets get installed.

– The kitchen cabinets are due this week–unless they are late.

– I optimistically bought some plants in pots for the south side of the house.  Need a dump truck of compost delivered–and spread–before I can do that.

– Ron has almost finished the patio on the south side.  After deciding to enlarge it slightly, we need 12 more brick squares.

There’s more to the construction list, but I’ll stop there.

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One Response to in the home stretch

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the weekend updates, Sara. The fireplace is SO beautiful, and I love “seeing” how the work is progressing! Keep taking lots of photos! Keep writing about it! I am loving all of the stories!

    Have a great week. xoxo Lisa

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