happy summer

Happy first day of summer!  The longest day of the year!  I have to say that I’m always a little sad knowing that the days will be getting shorter from here on out, although it won’t be noticeable for at least several weeks.

I promised house photos, not chicken tales.  Here goes.

Since it’s the first day of summer, how about two photos of the masonary stove.  Summer, stove, quite logical, eh?  [Kidding.]


Yes, the epic stove is done!  Of course, the photo would look a lot better without all the junk.  More of my blog realism.

And another from a slightly different angle:


It’s obviously hard to get a sense of scale here.  Admittedly, the masonary stove is not small, but it will be our primary heating source.  Furthermore, it is a real art piece–original design, one of a kind, hand crafted by an artisan-mason with a background in geology. 

Speaking of which, the keystone near the top of the stove (the diamond) is cut from a piece of stone from our land.  Apparently you can see the geologic remains of water flow across the rock.  I had hoped to include some of “our” stones  in the stove, but never quite figured out what to do.  While I was traveling, our mason found this one and remembered that I had wanted some truly local stone in the stove.  The keystone was his addition.  It’s perfect.

More house photos in the next few days.

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