“tomorrow’s” photos

Well, I didn’t exactly post photos of Caroline and the yellow chick “tomorrow” as promised, but here goes.

Gah!  So cute!  Chickie under Caroline’s wing peeking out!


Caroline and the chick actually in their nesting box (aka kitty litter pan).  I think the next day they kicked out all the straw and have been reclining in their food dish (another kitty litter pan).  Whatever.


I love this one.  I call it: “Chick in early stage of classic chicken arabesque–with poop.”


And this one is pretty adorable.  From early on, the yellow chick liked to hang out on Caroline’s back (even before the Great Chick Tragedy of 2014).  The chick has done this even more now that the two are in the mobile coop together so it frequently climbs, sits, and slides down Caroline’s back.  Here it is sitting (but never for long).


Yes, there are more chick photos.  No, I will not inflict them on you.

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One Response to “tomorrow’s” photos

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t stand the cuteness! And I can’t see too many of these photos — no worries about overdoing it for me!xooxo

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