quietest mowers in the world

Another delay in blog posts–this time due to travel.  Much has happened while I was gone.

Part I:  The sheep have shown up!  [Say that three times fast…]  Baa!

We have about 3.5 acres of meadow to mow.  That’s a lot of mowing.  It’s not just the time and gas (and carbon footprint), but also the noise.  Dry weekends seemed dominated by the near constant racket of lawn mowers, riding mowers, weed whackers, and more.  Meanwhile, a farm down the road has sheep.  Ron talked to the owners to see if they would be interesting in pasturing their sheep on our land.  Turns out it’s not their sheep either.  The sheep are on loan there, too.

Consequently, we got in touch with the actual owner of the sheep.  Long story short: she came a few weeks ago, put up electric fencing, set up the battery, and–while I was gone–put two male sheep in the first temporary pasture.  We’re supposed to end up with five sheep total. 

The idea is to rotate the sheep around (well, she will move the sheep around…) several mini-pastures on our property.  The sheep get free food.  We get free mowing and invasive species management–and cute sheep on loan with almost no real responsibilities (e.g., vet bills, winter food and protection from the elements, shearing, etc.). 

We’re hoping that this lease-a-sheep approach will work for all parties involved–humans and nonhumans–so that we can continue it in future years.  We’ll see how this summer goes.

And a teaser before the photo of the sheep boys.  Part II of farm updates involves… chicks!  More tomorrow.  In the meantime, baa!


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One Response to quietest mowers in the world

  1. Lisa says:

    So glad to have a farm update! Can’t wait to read about the chicks!

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