orange and green: the colors of spring’s sports team?

The countryside and suburbia look so different from just two weeks ago.  The two mini heat waves followed by several days of solid rain have meant that everything is greening up.  Lawns are bright spring green, a color that usually only golf courses manage to accomplish thanks to ample irrigation and fertilizers.  Weeds are popping up in fields and roadsides here and there.  The forsythia has started to bloom (albeit several weeks late this year) and I even saw a white magnolia in full bloom (granted, it was on the west side of a building protected from the wind and cold).  Some other shrubs and bushes are starting to get tiny buds and even a few trees are beginning to have a green hue–no foliage yet, but an inexplicable change in underlying color nonetheless.

The chickens have also been enjoying the signs and colors of spring–and they’ve been contributing to them.  Their eggs have been getting more and more orange, but this morning’s eggs were the brightest orange ever.  And one in particular was bright, bright orange–Syracuse University orange.  It was probably Ella’s.

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