slow april (but photos!?)

House construction has slowed this month.  Not great given that we hope to move in (early) June.  But our masonary stove artisan got started a bit later than we expected and several other tasks, including the final third of the hardwood floors needs to happen after the stove is built.  Given that the floors are on hold, it doesn’t really make sense for our Amish carpenters to come back.  Better to have them do all the remaining jobs at once.

There have been some other setbacks.  Our Amish finish carpenter who is building the stairs has ride issues so we decided he’ll come with our main Amish crew and one of them will help him.  Our electrician is entirely MIA. 

But I can’t point the finger at everyone else.  I’ve been slow to decide on stove bricks, kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, and two of the bathroom vanities.  Too many decisions compounded by too many interrelated decisions at a very difficult time in the academic year (see last post).  For instance, I suppose one could pick every light independently from all the others, but I can’t think in isolation and thus I can’t help but think about lights that you’ll see from one room to the next.  Or should all the bedroom overhead lights be the same.  Or what about the relationship of hallway lights to kitchen lights.  Or…  You get the idea.

The good news is that the stove bricks are picked and ordered, and our stove-maker will be back from a conference this week–and hopefully today.  I’ve made significant headway on the kitchen cabinets.  After all, there are multiple decisions–color, door style, drawer style, actual design of which kind of cabinet with which kind of endless features and add-ons where.  But we need to make an almost final decision and request a sample door.  Once the cabinet order goes in, then I can–and should–turn to bathroom vanities and lighting–pronto.

I knew this stage was going to be a combination of fun and frustration.  I’m definitely more in the frustration stage at this point, but I am trying to remind myself that this is a first world problem.

Without further ado, three photos and this time we’re going with a theme–bathrooms!  Basement bathroom with a happy Provencal yellow and old-fashioned tilework (and radiant heating in the floor) to make it less basement-like:


The half-bath (check out the new-but-old-looking pedestal sink with old-fashioned fixtures and I love this green paint):


Upstairs bathroom (for those of you who visited our old house, yes, it has a striking resemblance to our old full bath; also, the lighting is terrible here so it doesn’t look nearly as nice as the bathroom actually is; it’s actually much lighter and less cave-like than this photo suggests, but same-ish dark plum as our old bath):


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One Response to slow april (but photos!?)

  1. Rebecca says:

    Everything looks beautiful and classic! That warm yellow paint and soft green are awesome. xo

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