invisible infrastructure

We’re still relishing the lone toilet that got hooked up early last week.  Meanwhile, the plumber didn’t end up installing the rest of the toilets, one sink, and both showers Friday, but he did hook up the tub part of the main bathroom’s shower/tub combo.

So, yesterday Ron took the inaugural bath and I took one this morning.

It’s still a bit of a rustic hygienic experience—no shower rod or curtain, no possibility of using the shower until the plumber returns, a little alcove in the tiling still needs to be grouted, we can’t use the radiant floor heating for 5 more days, no curtains on the windows, the door to the bathroom hasn’t been installed, and no place to hang a towel.  Plus I forgot a bath mat.

Having some, er, more limited housing infrastructure over the past nine months–infrastructure than most North Americans and Europeans usually take for granted–has certainly made us appreciate simple things like a working tub.

As always, more photos soon.

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One Response to invisible infrastructure

  1. Lisa says:

    So glad you have a working bath — and those other features (radiant floor heating, and even a bath mat) should only make it more wonderful. Can’t wait to see the photos! xoxo

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