two buck chuck, three buck chick

If you’ve lived in American metropolitan areas over the past decade or two, you’ve probably heard of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck”–a decent bottle of wine for an unbelievable $1.99 in the state of California (

We sold our first eggs Tuesday morning to one of Ron’s co-workers at the co-op where he is a super worker (2-hour shift in exchange for a 17.5% discount on non-sale and non-basic items).  And no, no cape necessary to be a super worker. 

Three dollars for one dozen organic, free-range eggs laid by our chickens Caroline, Daisy, Ella, Heidi, Nony, and Pippi.  Hence, three buck chick.

We’re hardly going to get rich.  After all, Ron ran some quick numbers a month or two ago after the chickens went through their large bag of organic chicken feed rather quickly.  We think it costs about $2.50 per dozen to feed the chickens in winter when they get little to no supplementary food from wandering around the orchard and garden.  Thus, if we were lucky, we made $0.50.

Nonetheless, the three single bills went into the box with the mail key.  We’re going to save up and buy sandwiches at our local market ( with our “egg money.”

The three buck chick program is not exactly going to pay for retirement, but the fresh eggs are delicious, we no longer pay for eggs at the farmers’ market or co-op, and we have extra so why not sell them.

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3 Responses to two buck chuck, three buck chick

  1. Lisa says:

    So clever!!! I wish I could buy some of your three buck chicks!!! Good work, chickens! Good work, Sara and Ron!

  2. Rebecca says:

    We’d happily buy your eggs, if we could! We are paying $8/dozen for our farm box eggs and adore them. I feel like it’s the price of an “ethical egg” … at least seems to be the going rate here in San Francisco. xo

    • Lisa says:

      Wow. $8 a dozen… we’re not there yet. Local “ethical eggs” in Lethbridge are between $4 and $5 a dozen… and worth every penny. I never knew that an egg could taste good (or have any real taste at all) until we started buying local fresh eggs after we moved to Lethbridge. Looking forward to trying yours one day! Miss you both. xoxo

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