going, going…

Where is March going?  Sheesh.  I’ve been radio silent on the house and farm front for nearly two weeks.  Blame it on pre-trip craziness, trip-ness, getting sick in the middle of said trip, and post-trip craziness that, alas, exceeds pre-trip craziness.

Much has happened on the house front during mid to late (!?) March.  Not sure if I can recall all the progress here:

1. Drywall finishing completed.

2. Most of interior painting completed (they’ll return after all the major construction work is done to fix up any dings and scratches with a final coat on everything).  I’m mostly satisfied with the paint colors.  The house is a little more pastel-y than I intended, but it’s partly due to the pine windows, doors, and trim, as well as red oak floors (e.g., lighter color woods).  In bad moments, I fear it’s too 1990s/Miami/California-looking, but I think I’m being hyper critical.  In good moments, I remind myself that these are generally neutrals and earth tones, and everything will look very different with actual furniture throughout the rooms.

3. Approximately 2/3 of hardwood flooring installed (the rest must wait until the masonary stove is finished).  Only took 1.5 days!? 

4. Significant headway on trim, trim, and more trim–baseboards, crown molding, and trim around all the windows and doors (the rest will be completed by the end of Thursday).

5. Beginning of interior door installation (also done by the end of Thursday).

6. About half of the tile work is complete in the two full baths (ditto).

7. The solar hot water system was installed from basement to roof (they just need to come back and put the magic liquid stuff–uh, glycol??–in the system).

8. Our masonary stove dude has started building the Truly Epic Stove.

9. And perhaps most significantly, we now have one working toilet!  The water got hooked up and we came home from the plumbing supply store with one toilet.  The other two toilets and one sink are on order and should be here shortly.  With a little luck, the tile work will be done Thursday and our plumber will arrive Friday to install the toilets, sink, and get the two showers hooked up.  Plus we bought a washer and dryer at Sears on uber-sale this past weekend, and they will be delivered–and installed!–Monday.  Ahh, civilization!?

Phew!  And given all this, maybe I should leave town more often…

Without further ado, here are a few photos reaching back to early March when the two decks were almost finished (the stairs have to wait until final regrading later this spring).  Speaking of which, here are the decks (I have better shots of each individually, but this is already a lot of text and photos):


And some interior trim work on the east wall of the kitchen (plus you can sort of see the cream paint):


More paint (this is the half bath–including toilet!?):


Some more paint upstairs (the smallest bedroom on the northwest corner):


And part of the mudroom (entry door to the main house plus cathedral ceiling made out of extra shiplap (sp?) pine):



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2 Responses to going, going…

  1. Lisa says:

    Yay! I am so glad to have this update as I was just wondering how the work was progressing. It all seems to be going so smoothly — and yay for indoor plumbing! WOW! The house looks so beautiful in every way, Sara! I can’t wait to see it (one day!). Love you so much. xoxo

  2. Rebecca says:

    Pictures are so beautiful!! A special big hurrah for the toilet and all the appliances! So luxurious!


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