march on

It’s March 2nd.  How did that happen?

House progress continues and it looks like March will be a big month on the construction front.  [Get it?  “March on”?  Okay, so it’s not that funny.]

February turned into insulation, sheet rock, and deck month.  Once again, everything took a bit longer than we expected, but having a lot of cushion built into a (non)schedule makes deadlines a lot less worrisome because you’re basically operating without real deadlines.

Anyway, the insulation tradesmen did an excellent job on the blown cellulose and foam.  We continue to be amazed how warm the house is from passive solar and three radiators. 

Our Amish crew installed the drywall throughout the house.  It was a lot of sheet rock.  After all, it’s not just walls in every room, closet, and hallway, but also ceilings on three floors.  The stairwell was apparently rather complicated.

They also finished the two decks–one on the east and a larger one along the entire west wall of the house.  Not quite sure how they managed it in winter, but the decks look great.  Apparently our resident birds like them, too.  Juncos have already started landing on the railings!

A neighbor of our Amish crew was interested in doing the drywall finishing work, but he got busy and we were nervous about the finish work getting delayed days, if not weeks, and thereby holding up other tasks.  Ron had been in touch with another contractor this fall when we were scoping out various tradesmen for various jobs.  Turns out that company was available to do the finishing work and all the interior painting–and on less than 24 hours notice.  It’s especially remarkable given that it’s a big job (probably 2 weeks).  Winter must be slow for them.  At any rate, they came Thursday and will be here for at least one more week, probably a bit more than that.  And don’t worry: they have a good reputation and we’re pleased with their work thus far.

Next up: tile installation in the full baths and construction of the epic masonary stove will start once the painting is complete. 

Here’s a photo of the drywall in the living/dining room (“the great room”) after they started the finishing work.


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2 Responses to march on

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Oh Sar, the picture of your great room is… just GREAT! I love all of those windows, and can just picture us visiting you there (well, when it’s finished maybe) and having long dinners late into the night! Thanks for the update … it is so much fun to follow along, and it all sounds like it is going remarkably well. Good luck this second half of the semester – wishing you easy lectures and non-demanding students!


  2. Rebecca says:

    A) I’m not sure how Lisa always manages to comment before me. : )
    B) I was going to say that the windows for the great room are SOOOO beautiful … and here she already beat me to it! : ) Seriously, that is going to be a lovely room. It is such fun watching as you build your home.

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