passive solar, IV: phew…

In the end, it looks like the windows on the south side of the house were right after all.  Phew.  After much back and forth [imagine a link here to the previous posts, including “he said, she said”…], someone came out and tested the windows on the south side.  Supposedly they are correct. 

One window in the trio of windows over the future kitchen sink was labeled wrong, indicating they put two passive-solar-appropriate and one not-passive-solar-appropriate windows in the glass triptych [and why would we choose that???].  Turns out they appear to have simply flipped one eastern and one southern sash.  Hence, all we had to do is switch them back.

I think the windows are all resolved now.

Meanwhile, the insulation is almost done, as is the sheet rock for two of three floors.  We needed to have the electrician install four basic used radiators to get the ambient temperature in the house up so that the insulation tradesmen could put foam in the basement (apparently it’s heat sensitive during installation). 

One of the radiators didn’t work after a while (it probably just got bumped and the wires jostled out of place).  But the three remaining radiators alone–plus high-quality insulation and passive solar, of course–were able to raise the temperature of the house from 23 degrees (the temperature outside) to 60 degrees in something like 12 hours.  Moreover, it’s not a tiny house, although it’s not big by modern, McMansion standards.

We don’t think it will take much to keep the house at a reasonable temperature, even in the dead of winter in upstate New York.

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One Response to passive solar, IV: phew…

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Sar – the first time I read the subject line, I thought you were going to be writing about passive solar and one of you need an IV for something. LOL. So was VERY relieved it was just the fourth installment of the window saga!

    Soooo excited for you guys! Love you so much.

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