blue skies, wood siding, white snow, and house updates

I know, I know–too many egg updates (see post from 10 minutes ago…) and not enough house updates. 

The insulation tradesmen were here several days this past week (but stymied Wednesday after Yet Another Polar Vortex and Winter Storm that dumped a foot of snow), and the Amish carpenters came Thursday to make some more headway on the drywall.  The insulation in the attic, second floor, and main floor is almost done; the foam in the basement is delayed a bit due to some scheduling and equipment issues.  In the meantime, Ron can already tell that the insulation is making a difference in the ambient temperature in the house, even with no heating other than passive solar.  It will be really interesting to see what the masonary stove, passive solar, and excellent insulation can do in winter.

Rough-in electric is nearly complete and the drywall is finished on the second floor.  Our Amish crew will be back Tuesday to continue sheet rocking.

Last weekend, we picked out tile for the floor and shower and/or tub in the main bath and basement bathroom, and have a tile installer set up.  He’s supposed to do all the tile work the last week of the month.  We weren’t going to tile the floor in the basement bath, but I’ve been concerned it would scream “(yucky) basement bathroom.”  After choosing very classic (and, as it turns out, affordable) tiles–traditional white subway tiles with black trim for the shower and/or tub, and white and black octagon tiles for the flooring–we decided to tile the basement bath floor, too.  In fact, we’ll put radiant floor heating in both bathrooms, which should be really nice.

This weekend’s major step forward was on the kitchen front.  We have been debating many kinds of cabinets and going back and forth over the counters (granite? faux granite? tile? butcher block? wood countertops? %^*@)&!).  In recent days, we’ve been leaning towards butcher block or wood counters, but I’ve been really concerned about getting the cabinets and counters to complement one another.  And it’s something you want to Get Right The First Time.  After yet another trip to the place where we’re going to order cabinets, I admitted to myself that I really liked some sample moss/sage green painted cabinets, asked Ron about them, and he liked them, too.  We held up a sample of maple butcher block, and I could feel an enormous sigh of relief.  That looks good, really good–no question about it. 

We’ll get some initial estimates from the kitchen dude early to mid-week, but I feel finally good about the options.  We’ll see how I feel after we get the estimates!?

Ron’s been taking some great, art-y shots of winter scenes in the area.  Here’s one of the house and garage on an especially sunny day in late January.



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2 Responses to blue skies, wood siding, white snow, and house updates

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Thanks for all of your updates this weekend, Sar and Ron! The place looks AMAZING. XOXO

  2. Rebecca says:

    The house is looking so beautiful!!!

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