Daisy, too

Daisy–matriarch of our little flock–has officially entered chicken puberty [giggling, still].  She was fussing around one of the nesting boxes yesterday.  We collected two Leghorn eggs yesterday so she could have laid one of them.  But Ron saw her in a nesting box again this morning.  A little later there was one Leghorn egg in the same box, but smaller than normal.  Given what we’ve seen over the past six weeks, yesterday’s Leghorn eggs were probably Ella and Caroline’s.  Today’s Leghorn egg is in all likelihood Daisy’s.

I still find it funny that the matriarch hen started to lay last–about six weeks after Caroline’s Christmas Eve egg, but perhaps chicken pecking orders are more complex than what humans can know or understand.

With all six hens laying now, we’ll probably go from 3-4 eggs per day to 4-5.  Yum!

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One Response to Daisy, too

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Congratulations! Sooooo exciting. Still wish I could come for an omelette!

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