big week

Things were moving along on the house front in January, although a bit slower than we had hoped.  However, rough-in plumbing is complete and rough-in electrical is almost finished.

This week will be another housing surge (not sure about that metaphor given the military connotations).  Our electrician is trying to finish Tuesday.  The insulation company is starting Tuesday.  The “sheet rockers” (aka our usual Amish crew) are scheduled to arrive Thursday.  They should include a drywall finisher (also Amish).

With any luck, by the end of the following week rough-in electrical, insulation, and sheet rock will be done.  Meanwhile, many decisions are starting to stack up: cabinets, counters, lighting, tile, paint, masonary stove bricks, and more.  Both “whee” and “ack.”

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One Response to big week

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    I am sticking with the WHEEEEE (though completely understand the ACK) and wish you a wonderful week. Send pictures when you can! SO EXCITING!

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