heidi cacciatore?

Heidi has been a pill lately.  She’s picking on Pippi–pecking at her neck feathers and pulling them out.  Pippi just whines and cowers.

Heidi is now the biggest chicken of the group–by far.  She is a Big Girl, much bigger than both Nony and Daisy who previously held “the biggest chicken” status, albeit briefly.  I don’t know if pecking orders are historical.  Has Heidi figured out she’s now the biggest hen so she wants to be the top dog, er, chicken?  Or has she simply gotten the idea in her head that she should pick at Pippi when they are on the roost next to each other and is chicken-perseverating (and they have formidable abilities to focus and obsess)?

Ron has been threatening Heidi that she’s going to be thrown in the soup pot if she doesn’t shape up.  I have a very, very hard time imaging eating any of the chickens at this point.  We may be running a chicken retirement home a few years from now when they are past their egg-laying prime.

But in the meantime, before making that difficult decision, it’s pretty amusing to threaten Heidi with a future as “Heidi cacciatore” (plus it sort of rhymes!).


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One Response to heidi cacciatore?

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Love the idea of a chicken retirement home ☺

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