Eggs, of course.  Yesterday was a new record.

We are pretty sure that the one hen that didn’t lay an egg was Daisy.  We haven’t seen her rooting around the nesting boxes–at all.  Well, I’ve seen her scratching around the largest one, but she always seems more interested in finding bugs and bits to eat.  She doesn’t have that air of “I’m trying to make a nice nest and lay an egg here” like the other chickens.

If we’re right, that means only Daisy hasn’t gone through chicken puberty.  [Why does that make me giggle??]  It’s not entirely surprising in the sense that her crown is the least mature of the six (apparently the red thingy on the top of their noggins is a quasi-indicator for biological maturity).  However, it seems a bit odd because she’s the matriarch of the group.  At least she was.  She was top dog–er, chicken–of the first trio right away, and that continued once we added the three dominiques.

However, with a few notable exceptions, Daisy’s never been a very assertive, bossy matriarch.  Caroline and Ella, for instance, picked on the three smaller chickens quite actively and persistently until they got their new pecking order worked out, and Caroline is still a bit, well, crabby.  In fact, Daisy’s the most even-keeled, even-tempered, quiet chicken of the group.  Who knows.  Maybe that’s why she’s the matriarch.

At any rate, we don’t think Daisy is laying–yet–but we assume she’ll catch up any day.

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One Response to five!

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    What great observations about your girls… very interesting to read about! And yay for FIVE! WHoohoo!

    Have a wonderful day. Stay warm in this next storm. xoxo

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