house non-update

Since I’ve been writing about the chickens a lot–a lot??–I’d better write a post about something else.  The “chickens” tag in the tag cloud (see right column) is getting too big and I’ve even cheated by not listing “chickens” when I’ve written about the recent egg influx.

We started house construction just more than three months ago.  (If I were tech savvy, I could make part of that sentence a link to the first post on excavation, but I’m not–so there.)  According to the appraiser, we’re 46% done.  But as Ron says, finishing work takes forever so I suspect that the last 50% will take longer than the first 50%.  We have never had super specific deadlines in mind, other than start construction in the fall and shoot for completion in May with the summer as a cushion for any delays.  The fall and early winter work did get slowed down by Amish wedding season, the intense winter, and a few other factors, but we’re still on track, especially if you have a “go with the construction flow” mentalite

We are, however, at one of those points where several things are in a bit of a holding pattern and several others will come together all at once.  Siding, exterior trim, and interior framing are almost done.  The plumber has started his work.  The electrician has been busy so he hasn’t started yet.  Insulation is on hold until the electrician is done.

Next up: deciding on lighting plans (where, how many, what kind), kitchen cabinets (a zillion choices of stores, brands, woods, paints, stains, and glazes), and drywall and paint tradesmen.

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