more “eggciting” news around the coop

This is the first day that the hens laid two eggs in one day.

To recap, Caroline laid the first egg Christmas Eve.

I haven’t had time to tell how Nony laid her first egg.  Several days after Christmas, Ron opened the coop door around 7:30 in the morning and Nony was sitting in one of the nesting boxes.  A few seconds later, the five other chickens trotted outside one by one (hurrah… hurrah…), but Nony was several seconds behind them.  He went in the coop.  Sure enough, Nony’s first egg!

Then yesterday Pippi was fussing around the nesting boxes all morning, in and out, in and out, talking and squawking away.  We checked mid-morning.  She’d laid her first egg!

This morning Pippi was again fussing around the same nesting box.  Meanwhile, Ella was fussing around another one.  Ron looked a little later and there was not one, but two eggs!

I suppose if you are a full-time farmer, grew up with chickens, or did 4-H as a kid, none of this is very interesting.  But it’s pretty interesting and entertaining to privileged, adult, middle-class suburban homesteaders.

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2 Responses to more “eggciting” news around the coop

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    It’s pretty darn exciting – especially in such cold weather (the people who sell us our eggs says their chickens have really hard times in the bitter, bitter cold… )

    Are they tasty?


  2. Rebecca says:

    So excited for you with the eggs!! We did lots of animal care at the preschool over the 2 week break period and it has been so fun to find eggs every day and feed the chickens. Pretty sweet to be eating an egg when you know the name of the chicken that laid it! Stay warm!! xo

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