the miracle of (not) passive solar, III: she said, he said

The saga of the passive solar-appropriate windows continues.

There are supposed to be some clues on the label (duh) and on the glass itself (I won’t go into the boring and confusing details).  Given the saga thus far, the store saleswoman came out to look at the windows.  She said they are fine after all; there is only one that is wrong.  But she wanted to be 100% sure so she had the regional manufacturing rep come to the house.  He showed up, took out his magnifying glass, looked at one window and said: these are not right; all but one are wrong.

So, I’m not actually sure where this Perry Mason episode, “The Case of the Passive Solar Windows,” stands.  Both reps came before Christmas.  Things are obviously delayed the last two weeks of December this year.  I’m sure it will work out, but given all the back and forth thus far, we’re a bit skeptical about whatever the rep(s) tell us.

Not sure if the sashes will stay, but here’s a photo of the south side of the house.  Obviously very different from the other three sides, which are basically colonial-style.


P.S. Third egg this afternoon!!!  Not sure if it’s Caroline again, or if another chicken has started laying.

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One Response to the miracle of (not) passive solar, III: she said, he said

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Hi Sar and Ron,

    Back at work and in easy email contact – thanks for all of the updates on eggs, windows and cold…

    Keep up the wonderful posts and photos – I love it SO much!

    Love you both,

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