cooped up

Winter has definitely hit.  We’ve now got 8+ inches of snow on the ground and it’s been cold for days. 

The chickens were cooped up (literally) in the chicken coop for the past three days: too cold, too snowy, and too breezy for the wimpy girls to venture outside.  They’ve started picking at the plastic sheet Ron put down beneath the straw.  It’s probably boredom.  They’ve also been picking on each other more than usual.  Even Daisy, who is usually even-tempered and above the chicken interpersonal “issues,” has been picking on the others.  Cooped up = b!tchy??  Some dried corn and digging out the chicken run this afternoon did convince them to go outside for a grand, oh, four minutes.

Meanwhile, yours truly has been cooped up for most of the day grading.  That’s done (finally), but it’s been a long few days for us all.

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