first (and second) snow

I thought that I would be able to post updates most days.  Silly me.  Still, I tend to write them in my head, even if I can’t manage to actually post entries most days.

Yesterday’s (non)entry was supposed to be titled: first snow.  Then I wanted to include a photo of the house thus far in 1″ of snow–the first snow of the year–as well as a few photos from late last week and Monday.  Well, that didn’t happen. 

Today’s entry could be called “second snow” because we got another inch last night.  No more snow closer to Cornell and central Ithaca, but we’re high enough to get more snow.  And photos of the house?  Big progress today thanks to a crew of three Amish carpenters plus their driver.  And don’t forget the “nifty lift,” which is pretty darn nifty.

So, without further ado, here are a few photos.  The first photo is at dawn Saturday morning showing Friday’s progress (check out the view!).  The second is from Monday, showing the nifty lift in action.  The third photo is from Tuesday morning, showing Monday’s work–avec snow.  I’d love to include some photos of today’s rapid progress–all the trusses are up and about a third of the roof sheathing is already on!–but all the photos we took today include someone from the Amish crew.  Out of respect for them, I am not going to post them publicly so I’ll shoot (so to speak) for photos sans Amish tomorrow.





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2 Responses to first (and second) snow

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    It looks just wonderful!!! Thanks for the pictures and wishing you a few more weeks of good weather so they can keep making such great progress!

    Loads of love from all of us,


  2. Rebecca Page says:

    It looks so big and tall! Can’t wait for more pics. xoxo

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