who’s on first?

Our Amish contractors came Monday to start on the basement walls and they’re back today.  (Late fall is Amish wedding season.)  We’ve got two Amish carpenters working plus their driver who is, apparently, sticking around all day.  (Not sure why…  Hope he doesn’t get in their way…) 

Turns out Ron didn’t order enough of one kind of lumber so he needs to run to the store and pick up more.

Meanwhile, the plumber needs to get some prep work in before the basement walls get too far along and the concrete floor gets poured next week.  He and an assistant just showed up.

But the real kicker: Ron’s new(ish) laptop, which he purchased only a month or two ago to replace a 10+-year old desktop after it Really and Truly Died (see: the (in)famous blue screen), started acting up last night so he spent an hour this morning (and it’s only 9:06am as I write this…) “restoring” his computer.  He needs to show some files to the plumber before he starts working.

Poor Ron!


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