new game

How many different (organic, home-grown) vegetables can you pack into one meal?

I think the record is now eight (8).

I made stuffed bell peppers from Ron’s Better Homes & Garden cookbook last weekend, although I brought the recipe into the twenty-first century (no Velveeta, please). 

The stuffed bell peppers included: 1) bell peppers (obviously!); 2) onions (in practically everything I cook); 3) garlic (ditto); 4) parsley; 5) tomatoes (in the homemade spaghetti sauce put on top); 6) basil (also in the spaghetti sauce, not to mention more onions, garlic, and parsley).

Side dish: grated carrot (7) and kohlrabi (8) salad with sunflower seeds.

Dessert–apple pie–could have raised the tally further, but the apples came from our apple CSA, not our trees.

But most importantly, it was all delicious.

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