more pears

We were walking around the land Saturday late afternoon with friends.  They wanted to see some of the very old oak trees in the forest (alas, not on our property).

We headed back into the woods via the deer/human trail when I saw several pears on the ground. 

That’s strange.  We have several old apple trees, but we had never seen pear trees on the property before.  Where did the pears come from?  Seems like animals wouldn’t schlepp edible fruit very far from somewhere else.

When in doubt, look up. 

The pears were somewhat hidden amid leaves that are turning colors, but turns out we have a big old pear tree in the southeast corner, and it’s loaded with pears this year.  Miraculously, the pears weren’t even bruised despite falling 20+ feet.  Like the orchard pears, they aren’t ripe (yet) either, but we may end up having a lot of pears this year.

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One Response to more pears

  1. Lisa K. says:

    I want some pears! I want to see the oaks! I want to walk around the property with you 🙂 (Want, want, want…. so demanding!). What a wonderful discovery!

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