full moon and friends

I was in the mud room around 9:15 pm last night puttering around–opening and closing stuff, making noise.  I started hearing something outside.  It almost sounded like a car alarm.  That seemed pretty strange given that we’re in a suburban/rural area so there aren’t many cars around and people generally don’t have car alarms.

I stopped the puttering to listen.  Yip, yip, howlllllllllllll.


I listened for a few seconds and then realized I could (and should!) step outside into the first frosty night to hear them better.  

It’s the first time I’ve heard the coyotes up on the land.  (Ron’s heard them many times.)  But I didn’t expect them to be so loud and so close!  It was impossible for me to tell how many there were, although it sounded like more than several.  It was also hard to tell how far away they actually were.  Sound carries uphill in cold weather so their voices may have been deceivingly close on a crisp fall night, but they were in reality farther away in the woods or meadows downhill from us.  Or they could have been running around our woods or meadows.

I think the full moon is in another day or two so perhaps they will call tonight.

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