Cornell started classes last week and the public schools are starting either this or early next week.  And somehow it’s already September (!?).  Strangely the sudden change in the air that usually happens just about now hit in early August.

Yup, it’s fall and it’s here to stay.

The signs are also more apparent this year.  Our old house was on the western slope of East Hill and there were lots of mature trees so the sun always came up over our horizon at least a half-hour later than actual sunrise.  Not necessarily bad in the summer, but not great during Ithaca’s long winters.  Trees and shrubs also marked the shifting seasons: the forsythia came first, the early blooming rhododendron offered a spectacular fireworks of bright lavender flower on the north side of our house, the beauty bushes with their cascade of pastel pink blossoms, eventually the sycamore trees, which were annoyingly always last to bud out and first to drop.

On the land, the changes in the seasons are much more visible.  We’re plunked in the middle of a meadow so we can see the sky all year from every direction.  The sun’s rise and fall has been shifting, and the past few weeks it’s been moving more quickly.  After all, we’re approaching the equinox.  The goldenrod, always a late bloomer (literally), is now in full force and I haven’t heard my favorite bird, the catbird, sing for a few weeks.  The mature trees in our two old hedge rows are starting to get a little color, but not as much as some of the trees along the main road between the land and Cornell.  I even saw a pile of yellow and orange leaves on the ground at the base of one tree just this morning.  It seems way too soon for raking leaves.

We’ve owned the land for over 3.5 years and spent a lot of time up there (well, now it’s here, not there), but this is the first year that we’ll really see and experience all the seasons.  Summer is definitely on its way out, and fall is here.

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One Response to ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Lisa K. says:

    Sara — beautiful blog post as always. I find I am much more aware of the seasons as the years go by… although I still remember that awesome first spring in Tacoma… calling my parents and saying THE TREES HAVE FLOWERS ON THEM! FLOWERS! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH A THING!?!?!?!

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