today’s processing haul

In the freezer: 2 bags steamed kale, 2 bags steamed chard, 3 bags steamed haricots verts, and 1 tray of halved and cleaned bell peppers and Anaheim peppers.

In the fridge: 1 bag washed lettuce, 1 bunch of beets ready to roast, 1 huge bag of beet greens to give to TheGirls (e.g. the chickens), and 1 soup pot of summer squash relish (to be rinsed, drained, spiced, cooked, and canned tomorrow).

In the dehydrator: 2 trays of parsley bits.

In the oven: 2 loaves of zucchini bread with extra zucchini (bien sur…), raisins, and sliced almonds.

Time check? Three hours and twenty minutes.

Waiting in the wings: still 6 baseball bat zucchini (argh!) and 6 normal zucchini in the overflowing squash baskets plus 2 patty pan squash and the basil forest taunting me in the garden.

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2 Responses to today’s processing haul

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  2. Lisa K. says:

    Wish I could come and have some of that zucchini bread!

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