they’re baaaaaaaack…

I was planning to write about the chickens in the next blog post, but this weekend we had a(n) (un)/pleasant surprise.

They’re baaaaaaaack…  Yes, it’s (already) zucchini season.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise.  About a week ago Ron said to me, “those look like zucchini.”

Silly me.  I thought they were butternut squash.  I planted four types of squash this year: one old (zucchini) and three new (patty pan, pumpkin, and butternut squash).  But the zucchini wasn’t entirely old.  You see, it was a new variety and I forgot this.  (You know where this is going, right?)

So, for a week, the mystery squashes have been getting bigger and more numerous.  I thought they’d turn into butternut squash any day now.  Again, silly me.

Sunday morning, Ron pointed out the mystery squash once again: “they sure look like zucchini to me.”  But how could they be zucchini?  They aren’t dark green, almost black.  They are light green with some darker stripes.  And they have a slightly different shape, a gently undulating exterior that makes pretty swooping “rounds” when you slice them.  Did I forget to plant the zucchini?  (Find Fedco seeds… No, the package was already open…)  Did Fedco put the wrong seeds in the package?  (That seems unlikely.) 

Then I read the label: a variety that does not ring a bell. 

Yup, silly me.  Mystery solved: new variety, different look, Ron was right.  And so we went from zero to a dozen zucchini in one fell swoop.  Sigh.  At least none are baseball bat size.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If there’s zucchini in the garden but you don’t think it’s zucchini, is it still zucchini?

WWBLS?  [What would Bruno Latour say?]

Zucchini bread, here I come!

But because I have to mention the chickens somewhere in this post, there is another piece of good news (other than making and freezing zucchini bread with chocolate chips and walnuts–yum!): the girls like zucchini after all, but it was a bit of a rocky start.  More on that another day.

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