day 1

This is day 1 of the White Pine Farm blog.  But it’s not really day 1 at White Pine Farm.

When did this homesteading adventure start?  If we’re going to come up with origin stories, one possibility is early 2009 when we decided to start looking for land within five miles of Cornell University.  Another is April 10, 2010 when we bought what became known as “The Land.”  Another marker is June 28, 2013 when our now-former house closed and we began living up here full time.  Or did it begin around 1980 when I started reading (and rereading) Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House On the Prairie books?

Historians also have to deal with these issues.  Where we do we start a historical narrative?  If we are trying to explain the roots or context of a phenomenon, where do we begin?  How far back do we go?  And if many things are connected to and influence one another, how do we disentangle a complex web of relations in our stories?

So, we’ll start with something simple.  This blog.  Day 1: July 7, 2013.

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